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Elopement, Micro-wedding, or a Mini Micro Wedding, how will you say I do?

How are you holding up? This question has become very valid in these times, and here at Lois Lane Events, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you're a couple planning for your wedding during this period, it might seem a little daunting, but with a little help from us and some determination, you can make it work. You'll see.

If you've been researching weddings recently and looking into how you can make your wedding as safe as possible while having a good time, you are not alone. You have heard of many options, and one of those is probably micro weddings.

Micro weddings are not new. They've been around long before this pandemic, but you can understand why they are coming in to the limelight now. Many experts in the wedding industry have predicted that we will likely see many micro weddings and variations of it as the wedding industry evolves to function in a world with a pandemic.

Micro weddings are the safest option during this period, and that's why we've decided to speak on them now and introduce you to our very own version of a micro wedding. If you're ready,then so are we. Grab a cup of tea, relax, and let's talk about mini micro weddings and how you get to say your "I dos."

First, What Is A Micro Wedding?

To understand what micro weddings are, you must first understand that there are many kinds.That probably accounts for why most of the places you've checked have a difference in the actual numbers of people for a micro wedding. They might all be correct in some way. Micro weddings are known as small weddings and typically have less than 50 guests in the traditional sense. However, there are other variations of micro weddings like the elopement, and then there's the new mini micro wedding that we want to introduce to you.


Elopements are also known as the Las Vegas Style or Drive-thru wedding. We know you've considered it at some point, this year has been that interesting! So basically, with elopements,you have say 3-5 people at the wedding. The couple, their officiant and maybe a photographer and a videographer for memories. You can get married wherever you want, at whatever time you want. It's very customizable. However, the version of a micro wedding that we want to introduce to you is a Mini Micro Wedding.

So Now What's A Mini Micro Wedding?

Only the greatest way to keep your loved ones safe while also celebrating your wedding with-them! Our version of the micro wedding is a 10-person ceremony. It is a great way that couples can lessen the virus's spread and still have guests safely support them. At this ceremony, we'll ensure that people stay in a mask, and we'll send them home with a great to-go box that has been safely prepared. That way, they get to celebrate with you and have great memories aided by the nice favors they'd get too. What are the advantages that come with having our Mini Micro Wedding? We knew you'd ask, so here are some of them.


With 10 of the most important people, it is easier to personalize your wedding and have a good time together. For one thing, if you decided to write everyone a personal thanks-for-coming note,you wouldn't lose hours like you would if you were doing so for 200+ people.


With fewer people to offend, you can come up with as much creativity as you want for your wedding. But what would Aunt Emma say? Nothing, because she wasn't invited. The only people at your event are those who'd have your back no matter what.

You'll Spend Less

Having fewer people at your event means you'll be able to stretch your dollar more, and you can provide an event of higher quality. You'll still spend less overall, and with this pandemic taking a hit on people's finances, this is a win.

You Can Still Involve People Who Aren't Present Physically If You Want

Stream your wedding! Many apps like Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter give you platforms where those not physically present at your wedding can still attend online.But we have a custom offer, we have partnered with some video powerhouses to give you a interruption fee streaming session.You can also send them those lovely, safely prepared boxes to thank them after. So, what do you say?

If you buy this idea for a mini micro wedding in Ohio or beyond and want to discuss other ideas you think might work for your wedding in this period, why not reach out to us? Here at Lois Lane Events,the happiness of our couples is one of our top priorities, and we want to help you create a memorable event that you'd love.Contact us today!

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