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Why You Need A Wedding Planner During A Pandemic?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As wedding planners, it has always been our job to take the stress of your wedding planning away. We do our best to take the pressure involved with the hard work during planning and let our couples only experience the seamless and magical parts. We also do the same when things are not going according to plan.

If there is one time where things did not go according to plan, it's been this year. Couples who had a wedding planner were able to turn to them for advice on whether to postpone, how to rearrange, and how to move on. It was a stressful time, but with a planner on hand who understood things, they were constantly reassured that their event's finer details would be handled. We shudder to think of what couples without a planner would have done.

Lots of people falsely assume that wedding planners are only for wealthy celebrities. This is untrue as there are many services that a wedding planner can offer a bride with a small wedding budget or a bride planning a DIY rustic wedding, for example. If you're a DIY bride in the process of planning your wedding during these trying times, you should consider bringing a wedding planner on board. If you're still trying to make up your mind, here are some reasons why a wedding planner can be the best addition to your planning process during this pandemic.

They'll Have New Ideas

If there's one thing many couples have had to do this time, it's to learn how to innovate. A period like this has not happened in the wedding industry for decades, so most people were at a loss. But trust experienced wedding planners to rise to the challenge. We've seen many variations of weddings come up, and if you're looking for a DIY intimate wedding, your wedding planner can make it happen. Your wedding planner can even help you plan an intimate ceremony now, and then you can focus on a big reception later. Not only would they do that, but they'll know what venue would work best for you now and be able to guide you on all the decisions you need to make to keep your wedding fun and safe.

They'll Save You Time

One thing about wedding tasks is that they tend to take up a lot of time. A time that you could be using to brainstorm ideas for how to stay afloat in this period. Hiring a wedding planner will take the bulk of the planning off your shoulder, thus freeing up your schedule so that you can deal with other essential things. They'll schedule your appointments, communicate with your vendors where necessary, and work through your planning's critical issues.

They'll Help You Stay on Budget

Weddings are the one event that tend to spiral quickly out of control when it comes to the budget. If you're worried that hiring a wedding planner is too expensive, wait until you find yourself buying a wedding dress that is five times higher than you budgeted for.You need someone who will help you stay on budget and recommend the best ways that you can save costs to you. Your wedding planner will help you plan a unique and memorable wedding within the confines of your budget.

You'll Be Able to Enjoy Your Day

There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wedding planner is taking command of the essential logistics involved in your wedding. You won't need to lift a finger on that day, and neither will your loved ones. Your planner will do everything to make sure that your wedding vision turns into a reality, and they'll be there to solve any problems that might arise. All you'll have to do is sit back and enjoy your day. If you need a wedding planning team with an impeccable eye for details and a calm, creative spirit in Ohio, you should reach out to us at Lois Lane Events. One of our passions is helping our couples turn their dream weddings to reality and helping them create a memorable event. We’ll gladly take on the planning and designing of your wedding so that you can just relax and enjoy yourself with your guests on that day. For more information, contact us today!

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